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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

After months of waiting, they have finally arrived!

I wanted to get something in tribute to my time with the cast of My Hero Academia as well as the latest film World Heroes' Mission. I decided to order the new BANDAI NAMCO Master Lise Emoving Figures based on the recently released film which has both Deku Midoriya and Bakugo in the awesome stealth suits shown at the beginning of the film.

Once again, the current state of the pandemic played a part in the estimated time I would receive the figures. It didn't matter where I would order them from. Just like the ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU statue that I recently acquired was the result of supply and demand delays and took the course of over six months for the order to arrive. The MHA Ichibansho Figure provides the best in terms of detail and accuracy. BANDAI TOYS (along with BANPRESTO) is some of the best when it comes to statue figures giving fans exactly what they are looking for in their favorite fandom.

The figures come with two head pieces each with their own hood attachments along with their bodies (NOTE: These figures are not action figures so they do not move.) The first head pieces for Midoriya and Bakugo let you see the characters' faces while the other head pieces show the duo with their hoods on as they get ready for battle against the evil Flect Turn and the organization known as Humarize.

As you can see, the attention to detail is uncanny between the concept art and the sculpted figures.

The scale of both figures is around ten and a half inches in length. Just a couple inches shy from the GOKU figure which is around a foot.

BANDAI and BANPRESTO are two of the best companies that give you your money's worth. I would not recommend you buy any anime related figures outside of these two companies.

I have seen a few companies out there and they don't live up to in terms of accuracy and quality. BANDAI figures give you everything an otaku could want and more. Have you seen the recent My Hero Academia action figures from McFarland Toys?

My Hero Academia Action Figure: By McFarlane Toys

No other words needed when comparing the two. Except that McFarlane Toys Deku Midoriya looks like a kid named Gabby.

So, if you really are a devoted fan of My Hero or just a fan of anime to the fullest, then no true otaku would be complete without investing in these statue figures.

To say these figures are PLUS ULTRA is an understatement. Get them while supplies last. I got these from the IGN STORE but you can also find those and other awesome Ichibansho style figures at most popular online shops like Big Bad Toy Store , Crunchyroll, and Amazon just to name a few. Just know that due to supply and demand you may be waiting a long while for these to arrive, so patience is necessary for some, especially if it is a pre-order that is high in demand. But it will all be worth it when they finally arrive, and they won't disappoint.

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Jan 15, 2023

Nice, the detail is pretty good, wasn't expecting it to be that detailed cus I've seen other figures from different companies and was never really impressed but this is definitely a game changer

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