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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Back in Oct of 2021 when I attended NYCC, I came across the DRAGON BALL show room where fans had the chance to not only see the new trailer to the upcoming movie DRAGON BALL HERO but to see dozens of new figures that were coming in the new year from Bandai/Banpresto which makes some of the best anime figures on the planet (Earth, not Vegeta).

I ordered a few items (some that are still on delay and have said to be shipped in the next few months).

The pandemic has provided an abundance of preordered figures and other products that are delayed due to the lack of supply and demand. Consumers are waiting for months past the initial delivery dates.

After a long wait for preorders, the much-anticipated DBS figure has arrived! The Dragon Ball Super Grandista series (Son Goku #3 Manga Dimension) has been one of the hot items of 2021 as it consists of the most powerful version of Goku, Ultra Instinct.

Finally, we get to see whether this was all worth the wait...............SPOILER ALERT, it is and more.

The DRAGON BALL SUPER GRANDISTA figure is highly sophisticated and detailed to look exactly like the art style of Akira Toriyama and current artist of the manga series Toyotarou. Everything from the coloring technique and the attention to detail is just surreal to see, especially for someone like me who grew up with toys and figures that rarely look like their animated counterparts. The figure is made up of a solid plastic mode with pantone colors that match the exact look you would see in cover of a manga or anime. The battle torn clothing makes for an epic dramatic effect as well as the detailed and signature look that Goku gives when he is about to get in on that ass.

The scale of the figure is said to be 6 x 6 x 8 inches. This is indeed a large, scaled figure (the second largest figure I own next to my Nemesis Prime Masterpiece figure).

Banpresto continues to show that they are the absolute best in creating and manufacturing adult anime figures. I own a few of them (and more to come) and they have yet to be disappointed. Whether you are a fan of DRAGON BALL, anime, or Banpresto and Bandai you would do your fandom a favor and jump on this while you can. I pre-ordered this on but it is also available elsewhere. Now is the time before supplies run out. If you miss this you may have to wait another few months on end to buy this again and there is no Hyperbolic Time Chamber for you to enter to make time, go any faster. CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT.


May 01, 2023

I love collecting figurines from my favorite movies and anime. I have accumulated quite a lot of them. And I would like to shoot reviews on them for my tiktok and YouTube channel. Since each figurine I bought has its own story, which would be interesting to listen to. But only I bought a new camera and my videos shot by him stopped uploading to YouTube. Maybe it has something to do with the format, maybe some way to solve the problem from this site will help me


May 01, 2023

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