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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

My fandom for Transformers G1 is fairly high. I remember every episode, virtually every Autobot and Decepticon who appeared in the original G1 series and 1986 cult classic epic motion picture that changed everything. My love for graphic design can be traced back to the Autobot and Decepticon insignias that led to my enjoyment of logo designing.

I thought I was one of the biggest fans ever to enjoy the classic series. That is until I was introduced to a new fan phenomenon within the TF community.

One where a group of designers create extraordinarily complex and detailed variants of their favorite transformers. These are known as "3rd Party Transformers" they are not the official or authentic versions created by Hasbro or Takara Tomy, but they do provide equal if not more accurate depictions of our favorite Cybertronians. These figures are best for certain characters not made by Takara Tomy or Hasbro (Springer or Kup for example). What makes 3rd Party concepts so great is the level of articulations that you sometimes don't see even with the official Transformers Masterpiece collection.

3rd Party concepts are carefully designed to be incredibly detailed right down to their fingertips. Not only that, but they are also designed not to break. The limbs of the figures are made to detach in case one may have a challenging time transforming the object. If you detach a leg or an arm, you can pop it right back in and continue to figure out how to transform the item. Growing up with the original figures created by Hasbro they were often visually inaccurate and delicate to the point that if you twisted them the wrong way it may meet your doom financially.

Whoever is designing these models had to have a fair share of nostalgia on their minds of times from their experience.

Make no mistake, 3rd Party figures aren't the bootleg Transformers you saw in a convenient store as a kid for $10 dollars. These are works of art and worth every penny they ask for.

Like that cheap corner/convenient store knock-off of Soundwave that actually played AM radio in the 80's?

I bought my first 3rd Party figure in the form of the PE-DX05 LEONIDAS | PERFECT EFFECT which is a variant of LEO CONVOY (LEO PRIME from TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS 2 in JAPAN). It is superior in design compared to the original version made by Takara Tomy which I bought prior to the Leonidas concept. The actual Leo Convoy figure lacked articulation and flexibility. Added to that the look wasn't as accurate as fans wanted to see from the anime series which is why the Masterpiece collection was created to give fans the Transformers they always wanted when they were young.

Masterpiece collections are much more accurate by design but sometimes still lack the sophistication seen in 3rd Party concepts.

I love the look of the Leonidas (which is no longer in production) and I didn't know if I would ever want another again.

That is until recently when I came across one of the coolest concepts by a company called Master Made.

Master Made created a series of SD (super deformed) models based on some of our favorite combiners and Titans in the G1 series. While not official nor are they legally allowed to use the actual brand names of the characters, the company (as well as other 3rd Party developers) rename them as well as add some other features so to not be sued for copyright infringement (think about the plot of Disney's Rescue Ranger's movie).

Despite the authority to give them the proper name they are made to pay homage to the ultra-popular series and provide fans with even more than you would expect from the official brand.

The model named "Demolisher" is loosely based off one of the very first combiner squad in the G1 series "The Constructicons" which forms the giant robot known as "Devastator."

All six members include:

  • Scrapper

  • Bonecrusher

  • Scavenger

  • Mixmaster

  • Hook

  • Long haul

But for Demolisher they do not have actual names other than its combined form. As you can see from the images above the packaging is very well designed to look like the quality packaging you see for the official Transformers set. As you unbox the item you will see two layers of items which include six variant figures and accessories for the combined form which include.

  • Laser cannon

  • Front breast plate

  • Arms to connect the combined form.

  • Leg extensions if you choose to use the other head piece.

  • Two Drills weapons.

Along with the six figures you will also get a bust of the Demolisher that lights up. The headpiece also detaches so you can replace it with the SD head piece which (with the leg extensions) will create a mini version of Devas........Demolisher rather than a super deformed version.

FAIR WARNING: Putting this together is not an easy task. 3rd Party models are highly sophisticated and articulate when attempting to transform them into their other forms. In this case, the Demolisher models not only take forms of construction vehicles but also limbs to combine and form as one.

The other challenge that you will need to be prepared for is the directions which aren't the most user-friendly directions you will find. The directions are almost hard to read and figure out at times. If you grew up owning Transformers, then you may have a chance of figuring out how to work the formations without the instructions but even a season fan and collector may find these figures to be a challenge as they are the some of the most articulate works ever created.

One may suggest seeking video tutorials on how to transform these items on YouTube before attempting as you may experience some frustration trying to figure it out if you are not used to working with them.

Despite the challenge you will find them to be quite amazing and accurate even in SD form. They look uncanny to the actual characters from the design of the boots to the iconic green and purple color scheme. Added to that, those who once (or still own) the original Constructicons/Devastator will notice that the Demolisher model has more movement and articulation than the actual figures.

Master Made put so much detail into this model that it all makes sense that they would change a respectable price for the work put into this.

Once you combine the six into one it makes for an awesome looking bot. Everything you loved about the iconic Decepticons but now in SD form. The scale of the completed form is around 8-inches (7.9") in height and at about 6 1/2 inches wide (from shoulder to shoulder.)

The arms can move at about 45 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees vertically. The articulation of the fingers is quite flexible as you can move every finger as well as the thumb. The lower arm can bend to about 45 degrees as well. The legs aren't as flexible even with the leg extensions but with it being a super deformed version it is expected.

There are some great videos on YouTube on how to properly transform these figures. For me, I am satisfied achieving the transformations once and just displaying them. The complications can be draining. OVERALL: This is a great item for Transformers fans as you will not see anything like it from Takara Tomy or Hasbro. Demolisher is yet another of many works of art in the world of transformers and you are getting your money's worth.

It's not cheap and it shouldn't be but what you get as a fan is a quality form of fandom and nostalgia. I will add that if you want this or any 3rd Party figures made you need to get them ASAP as these figures normally have a limited run which means they will be discontinued after a while. The LEONIDAS figure that you saw above is no longer available. Independent companies make these figures, so supply and demand won't last. If you are a TFG1 fan you can't go wrong with these models. This is a GRADE: A- product in my books. Although challenging to put together it makes it all worthwhile when it is completed. To order the Demolisher or any other 3rd Party or even official TFG1 figures you can go to "TF SOURCE" which is one of the top sellers of Transformers and 3rd Party products.


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