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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

By Daxavier Josiah

My love/hate relationship with eBay continues as I finally got my hands on this hard-to-get Nendoroid figure of BLEACH'S Ichigo. I wanted something to commemorate my time with Johnny Young Bosch and the cast and I thought this would be perfect in my office. I soon discovered that this was a rare (limited time) figure that is no longer on the market. I don't know if it had to do with the pandemic or not but either way it was going to be hard to get one at the normal price that you would get it for in a comic bookstore or online merchants.

Plus, this item is an import so that automatically means that the price will be higher no matter where you get it. Tried out places like Amazon, Play-Asia, GameStop, other merchant sites even the official website where they sell all these items. Consequently, all of them were sold out. The last (and least place) I looked at was eBay who in fact did have them on there. Both as a bidding item or a Buy Now item. I thought I try bidding as I have never experienced it before.............It was unsuccessful. Mostly because I shot off too early instead of waiting to the last minute to make another bid. So, my other option was to buy it in the BUY NOW section which I prefer. However, as I thought it was going to be higher than I desired. Some ask for astronomical prices and some were fair. I found one that was to my price range and decided to invest. So, after a few days of wait it arrived.

All intact and never opened. In complete mint condition up to this point. I now understand why this is a hot item. A lot of interchangeable posing pieces that you can use to customize Ichigo's poses with his Bankai sword. It even comes with a mini Kon figure.

OVERALL: It was worth the money as I really love the amount of detail and configuration that comes with this item. I am quite pleased with this as I was with the SOLDIER 76 figure I got when I hosted the live panel for OVERWATCH panel at Keystone Comic con in 2019. Considering all that I went through to get this item (including having some issues with purchasing on eBay but that is another story for another time) it was well worth the money at the end. If you are a loyal fan of BLEACH or just a hardcore Otaku this is worth the trouble. The best way right now is eBay, but I will suggest that you thoroughly look for one with a decent price tag. There are enough out there where you won't have to clean your wallet out. GRADE: A+

NOTE: WANT MORE BLEACH FANDOM? Check out my blog as I talk about the history of the classic PSP series HEAT of SOUL.


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