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2022 was an incredible year for me doing this podcast.

Major thanks once again to all the listeners, subscribers, and supporters of this 8-Year podcast journey as the show had an amazing year of guests, coverage of some incredibly extraordinary events along and record download numbers as well.

Thank you to all this year's (and past years) guests from many regions of the world (US, Japan, Paris, Canada) who gave me the opportunity to have them on my platform and entrusted me with their time to talk and learn about their storied careers and lives.

A special thank you to Mike McGuire and Boris Roberto Aguilar for inviting me as a guest and co-host of Canada's premiere wrestling radio show.

It was indeed a milestone for me, and I take immense pride in having a footnote in the history of SNME.

I never take for granted the significance of me being in the position to experience what I do.

The demanding work put into this show made this entire year a holiday for me and I am incredibly grateful for hosting this show.

Cheers to the following and best wishes to all in the next year and beyond:

  • Mega-Ran (Raheem Jarbo)

  • K-Murdock

  • DJ Cutman (Chris Davidson)

  • Brian O'Halloran

  • Kevin Smith

  • Matt Papa

  • Kyle Hebert

  • Yannick Belzil (Tribute Games)

  • Rebekka Kennedy

  • Danielle Kennedy

  • Geoffrey Thorne

  • Arnie & Eric Roth

  • Boris Roberto Aguilar

  • Mike McGuire

  • Bannon Rudis (WayForward Tech)

  • Adam Tierney (WayForward Tech)

  • Sunday Night's Main Event (TSN RADIO)

  • ReedPOP


  • AWR Music

  • The very few people who truly supported me on this road non-stop.


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