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Updated: Jul 19, 2022


During my trip to New York Comic-Con I had a side mission that I wanted to take on. NYCC was also met with another much-anticipated event in the form of Nintendo's latest version of their Switch console known as the OLED. A modern design that provides a wider screen, more memory space, a better stand for tabletop use, a better battery and more.

With me coming to attend the biggest fandom event of the year in New York I thought it would be great if I could kill two birds with one stone. I knew that the chance was a shot in the dark, but I would not forgive myself if I didn't try dammit! Not to mention I can cover the event and get coverage of the fan anticipation for this new console as well as the debut of Metroid Dread (which I pre-ordered digitally).

It was no stranger to me that it was going to be an extensive line waiting. However, when my Uber ride got close to the Rockefeller Center both the driver and I saw what looked like a line for a concert or event. It was in fact the waiting line for the Nintendo OLED and Metroid DREAD which has a special edition physical copy being released.

The lines superseded my expectation in every way. Before coming to New York, I wanted to prepare so I called the Nintendo NY store to get more info on the possibilities and times when people might be lining up. The clerk that I spoke with explained to me that there would be two lines. One for those who reserved the new console and another line for those who did not reserve hoping for the best. The reserved line had less than 20% of the combined lines. The reserved line cuts off about a half a block (to allow cars to come through the building entrance) and then starts the unreserved line. The reserved line will have the opportunity to come in at 10am to retrieve their OLED and/or Metroid game before everyone else.

Gamers in the unreserved line, however, had to wait in line until 11am and it was first come first served. I spoke to a mother and daughter who were the first in line in the unreserved section and they told me they had been there since 8am to assure that they got one. One would believe that out of the few hundred people in line they would no doubt have the best chance to gain one. (NOTE: The clerk I spoke to also informed me that people should come to line up around 10am.........nice try CLERKS.) Apparently, no one else fell for that clerk request and as a result you had more than a couple hundred people in a line that damn near wrapped around a New York City block. This was very telling for the rock star popularity of the long-time honored game company who continues to provide gamers with the best form of entertainment around without having to compete against giants like PlayStation or XBOX in terms of graphic and processing power. If you don't get an understanding of how long this line was at Rockefeller, here is a video of both the "reserved" and "unreserved" lines.

After seeing this spectacle two things came to my mind.

  1. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to get one currently.

  2. Neither were any of the people in line at the back.

At least that is what I thought. Little did I know later that day I would be gratefully wrong. The lesson that I may have learned from this day is that if I want to have a sure-fire way of getting something from Nintendo Day One it may be best to do so at the source.

Because much to my surprise when I returned to the store after coming from the LEGO store to also retrieve the NINTENDO NES LEGO set (blog review of this build coming soon.), my wife and I came back to buy some other items (and new Joy-Cons since I was not going to get the OLED due to sell out) only to discover behind the cashier's counter was in fact over half a dozen more OLED units (both in white and color Joy-Cons). I was absolutely shocked at the sight of them thinking that they were just displays of consoles. I approached the cashier with my items and asked if he would humor me by telling me that they are in fact displays and not the real deals. The gentlemen clerk in fact said, "No they are the real deal and if you want one, I can add that to your order.".....................WHAT?!!!!! HOW COULD THERE BE ANY MORE UNITS LEFT AFTER ALL OF WHAT YOU (THE READER) JUST WITNESSED?!!! Well, compared to BEST BUY, TARGET, WALMART and GAMESTOP you will have a much better chance of getting it from NINTENDO NY where they have possession of more units per sale than any of those other companies that may only get a certain number at a time. Consequently, I GOT MY OLED post haste! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: DAY ONE CONSOLE BUY. And on top of that I never had to stand in that extensive line. What are the odds? Something I don't think I ever done before in all the years of buying game consoles. This added on to the outstanding week of events involving the New York Comic-Con. This day couldn't have gone any better.

Such an accomplishment was deserving of a great meal at Tsurutontan Udon Noodle Brasserie enjoying some of the best Udon and sushi around.

So, there you have its folks! Stay tuned for more as I review the OLED and METROID DREAD this week as A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE EXTRA: SELECT/START podcast returns!


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