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Moonag Switch Controller (Switch/Switch OLED)

Once again, I had an urge to seek an alternative for my Joy-cons. While I love my white OLED Joy-Con I ended up loving them so much that the analog thumb stick warns out. The significance to that is those are the first pair that I did not have to replace or repair due to drift issues for the first time ever since my first Switch console. I wanted another white pair of Joy-Cons but the only way to acquire them is to buy an entirely new console. They are exclusive to the base console.

So, I wanted to see if I could find something like that pair on Amazon and I stumbled upon this interesting Gamepad called the Moonag Switch Controller.

This pad, unlike the others I invested in like the BINBOK or HORISPLIT controllers. Upon reading up on the Moonag it has features that I enjoyed in both previous controllers wrapped into one. Added to this, it also works as a holder for your Nintendo Switch, so it has two actions that help prolong your gaming on the system.

The Moonag Switch controller is designed to assure comfortabilities for all, including people with big hands.

When connected using the USB Type-C port it acknowledges the Moonag as a Pro controller.

It takes a minute to get used to when connecting. Unfortunately, the home button doesn't awaken the screen like the original Joy-Cons can, so you must hit the power button on the top of the Switch screen to power it on. However, it's a minor fault that doesn't take away what this device can do.


What makes this controller so good is the feel of it once it is connected to the screen. The analog sticks and the multi-function features like the 6-axis sensitive gyroscope, real vibration motor (another feature not on the HORI controller), one-click wake up makes your Switch experience feel more like a PS4 Dual Shock controller.

The rumble feature brings more impact to your gaming than the traditional Joy-Cons and for those who don't like the D-pad on the Joy-Cons you will be happy to see know that they added the PS style D-pad which I've always liked.

I played it with games like ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 4, MARIO GOLF, AKIBA'S TRIP and DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT and the experience never felt better. The issue that I had with the HORI controller was that it was too big for small to medium sized hands and there was no rumble feature with them.

The Moonag solves both of those problems as the design is balanced to fit any size hands.

In addition to the overall feel, this controller also provides some old school features seen in classic third-party controllers from Mad Katz and Logitech.

This controller supports Auto/Turbo speed adjustment with different speed combos with simple settings. This feature reduces the pressure on the fingers caused by continuous button mashing, making it highly suitable for shooting games.

The thick based keeps your hands and fingers from feeling the heat of the screen after hours of play. There is also heat dissipation in the bottom to allow ventilation at the bottom of the screen relieving any heat buildup that can cause damage or shutdowns.

The design was well thought of and checks the marks of all the things I liked about the controllers I had prior to.

Best of all is that connecting your Switch to the Moonag pad does not drain your battery any faster than it would the traditional Joy-Cons. One would be surprised with the added rumble and auto/turbo features but after hours of gameplay it lasts quite a while when playing.

The only downfall to this is that because of the design of the pad it does provide a way for you to use the wide adjustable stand which makes it more like a Nintendo Switch Lite. But again, this for me was a minor negative to the many positives the game pad has. Including the price.


The biggest surprise of this game pad is the asking price. As of right now you can get it for under $30 dollars which is $40 dollars less than the traditional Joy-Cons (pending which color Joy-Cons you acquire).

With everything that was mentioned here It's safe to say that the Moonag Switch controller is a great investment for your handheld use of the Nintendo Switch.

It is by far one of the finest third-party controllers I have ever used thus far. If you are looking for a new and comfortable way to play with a bit more of a bang for your buck, then you may want to check this one out. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE MOONAG SWITCH GAME PADE


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